Our tree adoption process is very easy and simple to do.  We have now made the application live online to process your tree request much faster!

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Trees can be valuable assets for homeowners because they create curb appeal, improve air quality, and provide energy savings.

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Tree events are taking place throughout the city!  Click on the link below to find out of tree events near you that you can attend and participate in.


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Does your street need trees? Apply to have us plant trees in front of your home & sign up your neighbors to do the same!


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The city of Scotts Valley recently became the first city in Santa Cruz County to participate in the Renovate America and the HERO programs, which help residents find a way to finance energy efficient projects on their properties, which includes the planting of shade trees.


Newsweek reported that Sacramento discovered that shaded buildings use 25 to 40 percent less energy during the summer, averting power overloads. That’s why, over the past two decades, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District has subsidized the planting of more than 500,000 trees.

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