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LA TIMES | May 24, 2022

SoCal needs to keep vital trees alive despite unprecedented watering restrictions

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OUTSIDE | April 22, 2022

How Los Angeles Is Leading the Urban Tree-Planting Revolution

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TODAY | April 11, 2022

Cities Plant Trees to Combat Extreme Heat in Urban Areas

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NBC LOS ANGELES | April 9, 2022

‘One Tree At a Time’: Local Organization Seeks to Create Greener Communities

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OUTSIDE | November 3, 2021

The Fight to Protect Los Angeles Forests

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LA MAGAZINE | October 14, 2021

L.A. Has a ‘Canopy Equity’ Problem. A New Program Is Setting Out to Fix It

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NBC LOS ANGELES | October 1, 2021

LA Residents: How to Get Free Trees and Improve Your Health

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Los Angeles confronts its shady divide

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SPECTRUM NEWS 1 | April 22, 2021

LA’s secret garden is in Griffith Park

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ESRI | August 11, 2020

Student-Led Mapping Locates Areas in Los Angeles in Need of Shade Equity

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THE ATLANTIC | August 4, 2020

A Plan to Grow 90,000 Trees in Los Angeles

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NEW YORK TIMES | December 1, 2019

‘Turn Off the Sunshine’: Why Shade Is a Mark of Privilege in Los Angeles

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LOS ANGELES TIMES | November 22, 2019

LA Plans to plant 90,000 trees in two years – What can we learn from its oldest trees?

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LOS ANGELES TIMES | November 22, 2019

Los Angeles’ free tree giveaway for yards and streets hopes to bring 90,000 new plantings

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LOS ANGELES TIMES | March 2, 2019

L.A.’s urban forest needs you: How to help green your street or yard

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THE GUARDIAN | February 29, 2019

Los Angeles’ legendary palm trees are dying – and few will be replaced

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LOS ANGELES TIMES | January 2, 2019

L.A.’s trees are more essential than ever. The city needs to start treating them that way.

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GREEN BIZ | October 9, 2017

Will America’s infrastructure investment withstand future disasters?

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KCRW | September 5, 2017

What you need to know about LA’s urban heat problem

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GIZMODO | August 10, 2017

The Radical Plan to Cool Down LA as the World Heats Up

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MARKETPLACE | June 7, 2017

As the climate changes, city trees will need replacing with more resilient species

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KPCC | October 15, 2016

How LA is replenishing Elysian Park’s tree canopy

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LA IST | June 9, 2016

The Story Behind Los Angeles’ Beautiful, Ephemeral Jacaranda Blooms

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HUFFPOST | March 12, 2016

Arbor Day in South LA

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Planet Rewild | S1 Ep 1 | Snap Originals

Arbor Day LA 2022

Pacoima Shade and Fruit Tree Giveaway

City Plants Earth Day Fundraiser

City of Los Angeles, 400 volunteers plant 182 trees in Van Nuys

Dodgers celebrate Earth Day

Urban Tree Canopy Benefits LA Communities, Some More Than Others

Aerial View of LA Neighborhoods Reveals Tree Disparities