Street Trees for Your Home

New Request Pause

Thank you for your interest in planting a free street tree! This year, City Plants received a record-high number of applications for street trees. In order to process, pre-inspect, and plant all pending street tree requests, we are temporarily pausing new requests. If you have already applied for a free street tree between 2021 – 2022, we are processing your application, and we will be in touch as soon as possible. You can also sign up for our newsletter to be notified when we start accepting new requests for free street trees. In the meantime, we encourage you to continue watering and caring for trees in your neighborhood. We thank you for your patience in advance!

Get Free Street Trees

Do you want trees in the parkway in front of your house or building? Are you willing to water the trees and make sure they survive while they get established in their new home? Do you have grass or open dirt between the sidewalk and the street? If so, we will come to your house and plant street trees for you!

How It Works


Sign Up Online

Verify that you live in the City of Los Angeles and apply on our website.


Sit back & relax as we take care of permitting and planting

If you qualify and if there is space for a tree, we will send out an inspector and certified arborist to select the best location and tree species to plant in your parkway. We follow the City of Los Angeles’ Street Tree Planting guidelines.


Water and care for your trees once they are planted

Once your tree is planted, it will need water for the first 3-5 years while its roots grow into the ground. A little effort now will pay off big in the future!