Tree Research

Connecting People to Our Urban Environment with Science

City Plants partners with the U.S. Forest Service and CAL FIRE to run a research destination hub focused on urban natural resources stewardship to promote adaptive management, technology transfer, and science in Southern California’s Mediterranean climate.

Climate Ready Trees

City Plants works with the LA Urban Center to tackle some the biggest ecological questions Los Angeles faces today – What trees should we be planting with LA’s changing climate? Drs. Greg McPherson and Natalie van Doorn of the US Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station are partnered with Dr. Alison Berry of UC Davis and her team to conduct a longitudinal study of resilience of urban tree species. This Climate Ready Trees study uses selected species anticipated to be suited for southern California’s future climate conditions. This study will inform improved species selection. Partners such as the Los Angeles Beautification Team and Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Department are helping to make this long term work possible by aiding planting and maintenance of the trees.

Meet the Partners

Nora Davis, PhD

Research Social Scientist

Forest Service
Pacific Southwest Research Station

Patricia Winter

Research Social Scientist

Forest Service
Pacific Southwest Research Station

Nancy Hughes

Executive Director

California Urban Forest Council

Yassy Wilkins

Program Specialist

Los Angeles Center for Urban Natural Resources Sustainability
Forest Service

David Haas

CAL FIRE Urban Forester

FLos Angeles and Ventura Counties

Edith de Guzman

Director of Research


Miranda Hutten

Urban & Community Forestry Program Manager

Forest Service
Pacific Southwest Region

Liz Skrzat

Executive Director

City Plants

Claire Robinson

Executive Director

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