Growing Vibrant LA Communities

City Plants is proud to partner with StreetsLA to host a quarterly free webinar series designed to empower, educate, and connect Angelenos to urban forestry, sustainability, and climate resilience programs, strategies, and research throughout the region.

Growing Vibrant LA Communities will be a bilingual quarterly webinar series as we pave the way for an inclusive urban forest management plan for Los Angeles.

November 2021: Growing Vibrant LA Communities

Save Our Water & Our Trees: Growing Community Resilience When Drought is the New Normal

July 2021: Growing Vibrant LA Communities

Bridging the Biodiversity Gap: From Seeds to Trees

February 2021: Growing Vibrant LA Communities

Urban Tree Equity — Green Streets and Green Jobs

How are trees and redlining connected? Why do some neighborhoods in Los Angeles have more trees than others, and what can we do about it?

December 2020: Growing Vibrant LA Communities

Urban Heat — From Hazard to Hope

Learn more about the threats of extreme heat in Los Angeles, discover how trees help mitigate urban heat, and engage with innovative solutions to keep our neighborhoods cool.

September 2020: Growing Vibrant LA Communities

Inventory Into Action

The City of LA has fully funded LA’s first tree inventory since 1996, thanks to leadership from Mayor Eric Garcetti, Department of Recreation and Parks, StreetsLA, LADWP, CFAC, LA’s tree advocates, and countless others. An integrated tree inventory of park trees and street trees in LA will be an extremely important compilation of data that will allow us to streamline work orders, tree requests, make proactive tree management decisions for preservation of our canopy, and work together toward an equitable future